Groan … another new blog on Latour?

No lengthy explanations (or justifications) here. This blog is simply a space for me to record thoughts and comments on the political theology of Bruno Latour, especially as mediated through his concept of ‘religion as a mode of existence’ [REL]. It’s really an overflow from my twitter account @AIMETim, where I’ve been doing the same for about a year now – but which was bursting the bounds of the aphoristic form that is properly required by that medium. To be honest, I’m not sure even how much I’ll commit to this space (especially as I’m currently on paternity leave and so don’t have the time to write much). But let’s see how it goes …



2 thoughts on “Groan … another new blog on Latour?

  1. Yes, this is a crucial component to his political theology: we will, I think, here much more about the Modern/ Gnostic synchronisation in his future work. When I met, and interviewed, him at length in London last year on the topic of religion, he spoke about Voegelin a lot. Thanks for the comment. T


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