Are you Saying Something to us, Earth? Translation of Latour’s Piece on ‘Laudato Si’

Stephen Muecke, an experienced translator of the work of Bruno Latour, has done us a useful service with his translation of Latour’s recent opinion piece on the papal encyclical, Laudato Si.

Latour wrote this in French a couple of months ago under the title La grande clameur relayée par le Pape François. It’s a short article and worth a read: in fact, it corresponds to analysis in chapter 8 of Face à Gaïa (2015) on the role and function of this encyclical in the political theology Latour believes is necessary (and indeed inevitable) in the age of the Anthropocene.

I will post some thoughts on the encyclical, and Latour’s use of it, soon: my own feeling is that it does not quite render the service that Latour believes it has. I’m going to withhold that post for now, however, as I’m attending a study-day in Oxford on Saturday where the encyclical will be discussed amongst theologians: I hope that input will enrich my own reflections.

The encyclical itself is well worth an hour of your time.


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