Complete series of notes on Latour’s ‘Face à Gaïa’

Here is a list of the various chapters of Face à Gaïa (2015) that I have covered in note-form over recent weeks. Please remember, these are only notes – the rest is up to you! Whilst we wait for the English translation by Catherine Porter, I hope these will prove helpful.


5 thoughts on “Complete series of notes on Latour’s ‘Face à Gaïa’

  1. Thanks Tim
    (I would very much like to read at some point Catherine Porter’s view of late Latour. What a close reader she must have been!)

    I also think. It is all talk, a tower made of words. And suppose one listens to his heart the little voice saying “there is something to value here”, how is this voice to be assessed? Is it philosophical fad and modern clishes that drive it? Is it “the voice of evolution” ( a la sociobiology)? Is the “common sense” mentioned in MOE book? And what this “common sense”? Is it this ( word? Is it the Spirit that talks in our hearts?

    When all these actors come to play God in composing the common world how is the seal of “goodness” (repeatedly pronounced in Genesis) going to be pronounced now?

    If I stand on the side of tradition the question seems to me like: is Latour a true or a false prophet?


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