Science and Religion

The current issue of Nature has a very interesting article on the Science and Religion debate, in which Kathryn Pritchard deals with how the Church of England attempts to engage with the popular narrative of conflict that pervades contemporary culture.


2 thoughts on “Science and Religion

  1. Isn’ t it there an effort to gain respect to religion by “gluing” to the proper patrons? “Look we learn from scientists!” or (in the previous message) “Look we are in sinc with the latest moves of continental philosophy (and these are deep fellows you know)”.

    [REL] doesn’t seem so unsure of itself.

    Although I am a scientist (and I love it) and I also appreciate some parts of continental philosophy that I manage to understand, there is something here that reminds me of the parable of the son who spended his fathers’ fortune in the wilderness. Then there was famine and he was asking to be fed food offered to swines and even this was not given to him. I exagerate but there is a similarity: Theologians begging respect by philosophers and scientists and been treated with pity and hoping that one day they will say “look they treat me like an equal”.

    (It also reminds me the distinction I heave heard exists in martial arts between the internal and the external ones. This sounds like an “external” Christian theology (a theology of personal creativity with not much of saints or tradition or Christ )


    1. Agreed. For Latour, religion should not be in the game of ‘asking for the crumbs that fall from the table’. It can and should be re-instituted and fully warranted as a public discourse, for the public good; one of the modes that can and must be welcomed as creating a fair world, a diplomacy, and even a hominization – creating who we are and the right way of interacting with objets in the world. Without [REL], the world is not only diminished, but incomplete.


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