Bruno Latour’s Anti-sacrificial Politics

Absolutely wonderful to see this lecture on Latour from one of the best critics around (and my old French tutor!), Martin Crowley, delivered at Oxford.


One thought on “Bruno Latour’s Anti-sacrificial Politics

  1. What it brought to my mind is that the more people appreciate and take part in the local work of politics the more the system avoids catastrophic changes.

    On the other hand there is the temptation (or is it sometimes the people who bring this fate upon themsleves?) of “achieving goals” by silencing whole groups of people, making them irrelevant, denying them access to politics. Which could also be an emancipatory experience for them (since they may realize what they may be loosing in a failed [HAB] and take up the real work of politics rather than mindlessly making some moves) -but also other times an experience of real “breaking”-.

    Is it our fate to master the “test and be tested” game? Is it through this game that we build a sensorium that can have access to θεωρια? Is it our achievement or is it a response to a call , the aftermath of a visit, the response to a presence ([REL]?)

    Which brings to my mind Psalm 103. Wisdom as complex [POL] not complicated [REF]


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