If you need a “way-in” to Latour’s writing on religion….

Here is an excellent short introduction to the theology of Latour by the ever-wonderful John Reader: do check it out.


Comments or Corrections Gratefully Received!

To my faithful readers: I attach below a little introduction (slightly redacted at the end) to a thesis I’m writing on Latour’s “political theology”. Any comments or corrections would be gladly noted on timothy.howles@keble.ox.ac.uk. Many thanks.


Rethinking Durkheim

This looks like an interesting inaugural event from the new British Centre for Durkheimian Studies, based here at the Faculty of Theology & Religion, University of Oxford.

Inaugural Workshop: Why Did Durkheim Have to Die?
September 28, 2017, St. Peter’s College, Oxford

I note it includes a presentation by Bruno Karsenti, a collaborator of Latour’s, entitled: Rethinking Religion with Durkheim Today.

Let’s hope Bruno (K) has read Bruno (L)’s evisceration of the religion of Durkheim: for which see here.

British Centre for Durkheimian Studies Inaugural Workshop 9 28 2017 PROGRAMM