Kierkegaard, Schmitt and Political Theology

Here’s a little article of mine, recently published, on the conception of the human self ‘coram deo’ with reference to the work of Kierkegaard.

Kierkegaard’s understanding of the concept of theological “exception”, that moment when the transcendent breaks-in to the habituated patterns of existence of the immanent, presents a fascinating counter-point to Latour’s understanding of religion as a mundane or “mondain” phenomenon. It is no co-incidence that Kierkegaard’s thought was such an influence on Carl Schmitt and his celebration of a mode of existence that can break through the crust of the torpid, mechanised and regulated veneer of globalised modernity (for which, see Hans Sluga’s excellent recent book).

In a strange way, Kierkegaard – that great Lutheran theologian – lies at the heart of the political theologies of both Carl Schmitt and Bruno Latour.

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Sorry for the hiatus

I’m sorry for my lack of activity on the blog recently (as some of you have reminded me!) I have recently been ordained into the Church of England and have found my time taken with weddings, funerals and baptisms, rather than by the words of Serres, Voegelin and Löwith as I would wish. Not to mention my beloved Latour, il miglior fabbro. Nevertheless, I have not forgotten the katechontic needs of the present time, and have been practising my political theology where I can even in an Oxford parish! More to follow soon. Thanks.