Latour on Durkheim: Summary

I recently mused on Bruno Latour’s review of Durkheim’s 1912 text in social theory, The Elementary Forms of Religious Life. A summary of posts below.

  • Why Bruno Latour is an interesting reader of texts: here.
  • A critique of Durkheim’s sociological method in terms of the figuration of agencies: here.
  • Durkheim’s psychology of the weak individual: here.
  • The God of Durkheimian philosophy of religion begins to look more and more cheiropoiete (made by human hands): here.
  • In spite of itself, Durkheim’s book begins to open up to analysis in terms of modes of existence: here.

Back to more analysis of [REL] soon, but I hope this was a useful detour!

Author: Tim Howles

Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the Laudato Si' Research Institute, University of Oxford.

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